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Laminated Bows:
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Bow Laminated

In ancient China, archery was an important skill that served both martial and ceremonial purpose. Although the development of firearms eventually made bow and arrow obsolete in the military, traditional archery remained as entertainment and sport up until the 1950s.


Fortunately in early 2000s some scholars and ethusiasts started reviving the ancient art, and by now we have seen a revival of traditional archery in China. The population of traditional archers are growing steadily and there are multiple archery competitions held through the year.

Since 2014 we are also hosting the "Ali Bow Cup" competition in Fuyang, Anhui


The archers, in advancing, retiring, and all their movements, were required to observe the rules.

With minds correct, and straight carriage of the body,  they were to hold their bows and arrows skillfully and firmly;

and when they did so, then they might be expected to hit the mark.

In this way (from their archery) their characters could be seen.

----Classic of Rites

A Legacy Revived

About Us



Established in 2003, Ali Bow was among the first to produce traditional bows, arrows, and other archery supplies in China.


Today, we have served archers all over the world for years and are determined to provide the most reliable equipments for all admirers of traditional archery.

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