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Target shooting comfort grip
  • Chu II Long Draw Length

    This bow is inspired by an excavated bow dated to late the Spring and Autumn period (771 to 467 BC).  In a tomb belonged to a noble of the Chu Kindom, the bow was found  among other weapons that were used in the Chariot warfare of that period. The original bow is a short length reflex bamboo bow and we enlarged it to suit very long draw length. The grip is also modified to fit the hand better for more accurate target shooting.

    -String Length: 144.5 cm

    -Bow Length Strung: 149 cm
    -Bow Length Unstrung: 139cm

    -Brace Height: 21-22 cm

    -Minimum Arrow Weight: 10gpp or more
    -Draw length: up to 35''
    -Draw Weight: 20 to 45 lbs at 28''

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