"Kheshig" Mongol Bow *Free Shipping (take down version available)
  • "Kheshig" Mongol Bow *Free Shipping (take down version available)

    Syntactic foams are added to this bow to further reduce mass of the limbs, making the bow extraordinarilly efficient. Wider than usualy limbs and short length makes it ideal on horse back.


    The Kheshig Mongol Bow is inspired by the bows used by the Mongol army in the 13th century.


    These bows are featured with long siyah and wide limbs. The wide limb makes it very stable thus the bow may shoot more accurately than other bows, if used properly.


    Brace Height: 17.5-18.5cm

    Arrow Weight: 12gpp or more

    String Length: 1.36 meter

    Draw Weight: 20 to 50lbs @28''

    Maximum Safe Draw Length: 33'' for 40lbs@28'' or lighter. 31'' for 45lbs@28'' or heavier.


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