• Ming "Kaiyuan" II *Free Shipping* (take down version available)

    The “Kaiyuan” bow, with a distinctive hook-like siyah (which can be used to hook up arrows), probably appeared around the 15th century. The origin was probably central Asia. There are archery manuals describing picking up arrows from horseback with the bow’s hooked siyah. There are two versions of this bow, the regular version and the horse bow version.

    -String Length: short bow 1.26 Meter/ regular bow and take down bow 1.36 Meter
    -Unstrung Bow Length (siyah to siyah): horse bow 1.22 Meter/ regular bow and take down bow 1.35 Meter
    -Draw length: up to 31’’ horse bow and up to 33’’ regular bow
    -Draw Weight: 20 to 50 lbs at 28''


    *Take-Down Available*(for regular bow only, Maximum 40#@28'')
    *Free Shipping*

    Draw Weight at 28"
    Limb Color
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