Tibetan “Qinghai”
  • Tibetan “Qinghai”

    The lamianted version of our signature tibetan bow. Syntactic foams are added to further reduce mass of the limbs, making the bow extraordinarilly efficient.

    The tibetan bow is based on the bows currently being used by the Tibetan people of the Qinghai province. This bow reflects influence from the Manchu bows, featuring a prominently reflexed siyah and a string bridge. It is shorter than the Manchu bow, making it a little easier to handle while having a comparatively powerful punch. It prefers slightly heavier arrows.


    Brace Height: 17.5-18.5cm

    Arrow Weight: 13gpp or more

    String Length: 1.36 meter

    Draw Weight: 20lbs to 50lbs @ 28''

    Maximum Safe Draw Length: below 45lbs@28'', the max draw 33''; over 45lb@28'', the max draw 32''.


    Note: This bow prefers heavy arrows (not as heavy as manchu bow arrows, but heavier than usual).  We suggest our manchu arrows with it.

    $365.00 Regular Price
    $300.00Sale Price