My name is Li Zhang, a.k.a. A-Li. I am from Fuyang, Anhui, China. I am a craftsman of traditional archery equipments.

    Since childhood, traditional archery was of great interest to me. Unfortunately in my early years I had no chance to discover the art. In 2003, by chance I started my bow-making business as a humble one-man workshop. In the beginning it was very hard as there were not much sources to learn from except by experimenting.

    Over the years, as more and more sources were re-invented and re-discovered, and thanks to the support from archers all over the world, we have grown to a sizable business, supplying archers all over the world.

     We hope that through using our products you not only learn and enjoy archery​, but can also experience the essence of the ancient art that almost all human beings have mastered once upon a time.


    Starting 2016, Ali Archery is holding regular traditional archery competitions through out the year in Fuyang, Anhui China. Besides target shooting, the competition features many traditional or traditional inspired archery games. 


    Everyone is welcome. Please contact us for inquiries.

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