Tang "Chang An"  (take down version available)
  • Tang "Chang An" (take down version available)

    Chang An (currently Xi An) is the capital of the Tang dynasty. This bow is based on historical paintings of the long bows of the Tang's imperial guards.

    Specially designed for long draw, this bow can easily and smoothly sustain a long draw, while the asymmetrical design helps to further stabilizes the arrow.

    Fully extend your back, draw behind your ear, and feel the power!

    -String Length: 1.52 Meter

    -Brace Height: 18.5-19.5cm

    -Arrow Weight: 10gpp or more
    -Unstrung Bow Length (siyah to siyah): 1.49 Meter
    -Draw length: up to 35’’(if less than 40#@28"), or up to 33"(if more than 40#@28")
    -Draw Weight: 20 to 45 lbs at 28'' (take down version up to 35 lbs )