Tang "Dunhuang" (take down version available)
  • Tang "Dunhuang" (take down version available)

    Dunhuang is a place on the edge of the Tang Dynasty’s border. It is famous for the buddhist caves with a large number of colored wall paintings. Due to its location, the paintings shows a mixture of style between central Asia and China.
    This bow is based on paintings of these caves. It is similar the Tang bows, but with even shorter limbs, which means faster arrow speed.

    -String Length: 1.28 Meter (Short ), 1.38 Meter (Regular ), 1.44 Meter (Long ), 1.38 Meter (take down )

    -Brace Height: 17.5-18.5cm (Long and Regular), 16-17cm (Short)

    -Arrow Weight: 10gpp or more
    -Draw length: up to 31'' (Short), up to 32’’ (Regular&take down) ,up to 33''(Long and more than 40#@28''), up to 35'' (Long and less than 40#@28'')
    -Draw Weight: 20 to 50 lbs at 28'' (take down up to 40#)