The Auspicious "Ruyi" --- Birchbark Manchu Bow "Xongkoro"
  • The Auspicious "Ruyi" --- Birchbark Manchu Bow "Xongkoro"

    The limbs are wrapped in birchbark, and carefully decorated by hand. The grip is wrapped with trimmed soft cork for the most authentic comfort.


    The laminated manchu bow "xongkoro" (manchurian word for "falcon") is the result of our long term effort in creating a bow that closely resembles the classical apperance and performance of the old "official version" manchu bow, while keeping in mind to give the modern archer a comfortable shooting experience.


    The Manchu Bow Xongkoro's features:


    1. Bow shape resembles the imperial bows collected in the forbidden city museum. All parts are well proportioned.


    2. The limbs are long and wide and the bow draws to a smooth curved shape at full draw. 


    3. The "hand shock" upon release is less than our previous manchu bows and at full draw it shoots heavy arrows (15gpp) fast.


    -String Length: 156cm

    -Bow Length: 170cm (along the curve)

    -Brace Height: approxi. 20 to 22cm
    -Draw length: up to 35"
    -Draw Weight: 35 to 50 lbs ( measured at 35'', NOT 28")

    -Arrow Weight: 15 gpp or more


    -Bow Peformance Data (credit to

    Draw weight: 51lbs@35"

    Arrow weight: 830 gr/53.7 grams/16.2 gpp

    Draw Length: 35"

    Avg. Arrow Speed: 164 FPS

    Store Energy: 60.18 FTB/81.58 J

    Arrow K.E. : 49.58 FTB/67.22 J

    Dynamic Efficiency: 82.39%


    • How to String the Bow Safely?

      Please DO NOT do the step-through stringing on this bow. It may be twsited if one does the step-through incorrectly. Any damage caused by imporper stringing is not covered by warranty.

      The bow comes with a stringer that you may string it this way:

    • Video Evaluation Required

      *Due to the nature of the manchu bow (long, reflexed limbs and aggresively long and recurved siyahs), it may pose some challenge to use and maintain.  If you wish to order this bow please also send us a video of you drawing and shooting---we need to make sure you can use this bow before sending it to you. We would also give advice on your shooting if necessary.