Tang "Loulan"
  • Tang "Loulan"

    The Tang dynasty(618-907) is generally regarded as a high point in Chinese civilization, and a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. Like other dynasties of China, the army of Tang also emphasizes archery. All soldiers, on foot on on horse, armored or not armored, are all required to carry a bow as side arm or primary arm. Therefore, bows of stability and relatively short length, such as the classical long-siyah-short-limb bows are the best choice.

    Our Tang "Loulan" bow is based on many historical paintings and a few surviving artifacts. It is on the larger size for the long-siya-short-limb bows for stability, yet the prominent recurve shape still let it have a good arrow speed.


    The "Loulan" has wider limbs than the other bows of the similar design. The wider limb provides more stability for the release.


    -Brace Height: 17.5-18.5cm

    -Arrow Weight: 10gpp or more
    -String Length: 1.37 Meter
    -Unstrung Bow Length (siyah to siyah): 1.34 Meter
    -Draw length: up to 32’’
    -Draw Weight: 20 to 55 lbs at 28''