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Yarha II the Military Manchu Bow
  • Yarha II the Military Manchu Bow

    Yarha II is a further development on the previous Yarha. 


    In the 268 years of the Qing dynasty (1645-1911) the offical military issue bows had little change. The military bow's overall design is emphasizes the stability and durability at military draw weight (minimum 65# till the early 1800s).


    This bow's draw-force curve is similar to the antique manchu bows, and has reduced hand shock than most other fiberglass manchu bows due to a special material used. 

    -Draw length: up to 35’’

    -Length of string: 150cm up to 60#

                                         155cm up to 80#
    -Draw Weight: 30 to 80lbs (at 35'', NOT 28")

    -Minimum Arrow Weight: 16 gpp



    *How to roughly determine your military manchu style draw length: 1/2 arm span - 1 to 2"

    *Please unstring the bow if not in use, or it may loose draw weight.

    PriceFrom $150.00
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