Advanced Manchu "Yarha"
  • Advanced Manchu "Yarha"

    Starting from the 16th century, "soft bow, long arrow" becomes a popular trend in Northern Asia, probably due to the development of firearms that long range archery is not as important while the need for close range damage became more important.


    The manchu bow emerged in the wars and chaos of the late Ming dynasty (1368-1644), and flourished in China in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The Manchu warriors brought this bow with their conquest, and it became a symbolic bow of China. With a long limb, and long, reflexed siyah, this bow trades in arrow speed for efficiency shooting heavy arrows at very long draw.


    Our advanced manchu bow is a newly upgarded version of the our old manchu bow. The Manchurian word "Yarha" means "Leopard".


    The new version is more efficient, more smooth when drawing (the draw-force curve feels more similar to the antique manchu bow), and has less hand shock due to a special material used. This bow will be a delight to use.

    -String Length: regular version 145cm, long version 150cm
    -Draw length: regular version up to 35’’,  long version up to 38" (45lbs or less), or 36" (more than 45lbs)

    -Draw Weight: 20 to 60 lbs (at 35'', NOT 28")