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“Grape Pattern" Yarha II the Military Manchu Bow
  • “Grape Pattern" Yarha II the Military Manchu Bow

    Yarha II decorated with painted traditional "grape pattern", on pig leather


    This bow's draw-force curve is similar to the antique manchu bows, and has reduced hand shock than most other fiberglass manchu bows. 

    -Draw length: up to 35’’

    -Length of string: 150cm up to 60#

                                         155cm up to 80#
    -Draw Weight: 30 to 80lbs (at 35'', NOT 28")

    -Minimum Arrow Weight: 16 gpp



    *How to roughly determine your military manchu style draw length: 1/2 arm span - 1 to 2"

    *Please unstring the bow if not in use, or it may loose draw weight.

    • Recommended Arrows

      You need heavy arrows (16 gpp or more) to shoot the manchu bow.

      Up to 55lbs you may use these manchu arrows.

      Over 55lbs draw weight please use these heavy manchu arrows.

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