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"Shallow Hook" Painless Ring
  • "Shallow Hook" Painless Ring

    Say goodbye to pain, calluses, and swollen thumbs. With a groove to secure the string and a wrist band that prevent the ring from sliding off, Ali bow's "Shallow Hook" painless ring will give you a whole new experience.


    The ring's design is based on the rings during the Zhou dynasty (1046BC to 256 BC). These rings require a "Shallow Hooking" method, involving bending the thumb as little as possible. If used properly, these rings can be without any pain, and the release with be very crisp.

    Pre-made sizes. Largest thumb circumference is 75mm


    If your thumb size is larger than 75mm please get this customized ring: here.

    • How to Measure the Ring

      Please see the guide 



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